Vibrant India, Cultural Exhibition, May 24th 2024

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Asian Food and Cultural Festival 2024, November 24th 2024

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Future Performances

Date Name Ticket
24-May-24 Vibrant India, Cultural Exhibition
24-Nov-24 Asian Food and Cultural Festival 2024

Past Performances

Date Name
12-May-24 Indian Folk dance performance at Zürich Tanzt
09-May-23 Schule Im Birch Dance Workshop for school Kids
18-Apr-23 Schule Im Birch Dance Workshop for school Kids
16-Apr-23 Sechselaeuten Kinder Umzug
11-Apr-23 Schule Im Birch Dance Workshop for school Kids
04-Mar-23 Bollywood dance workshop at Asha Zürich Charity event
17-Dec-22 Bollywood dance workshop
01-Dec-22 Corporate Gala Dinner
26-Nov-22 Asian Food and Cultural Festival
14-Nov-22 Casion Päffikon 20 Anniversary Gala Evening
05-Nov-22 Bharatiya Association Bern Diwali Gala
29-Oct-22 Indian Association Bern Diwali Gala
03-Sep-22 Malaysian Swiss Association Gala event
11-Dec-21 Indian Association Greater Zürich Gala dinner
28-Nov-21 Asian Food and Cultural Festival
29-May-21 Bollywood dance workshop for a cause
27-Mar-21 Kids Holi performance
04-Jul-20 Fundraising Bollywood dance workshop
12-Dec-19 Private corporate event
11-Dec-19 Bollywood Dance workshop
04-Dec-19 Private corporate event
24-Nov-19 Asian Food & Cultural Festival 2019
02-Nov-19 Indian Association Berne - Diwali 2019
21-Sep-19 Arunachal Village school
31-Aug-19 Wedding performance
07-Jul-19 Quartier Sommerfest 2019
29-Jun-19 Discover India with Asha
28-Jun-19 Oerlikon Fest 2019
18-Jun-19 55 years of Film making in Switzerland
15-Jun-19 Bollywood at Dorffest 2019
09-Jun-19 Keli Kalamela 2019
25-May-19 Private event in Baden
04-May-19 Zürich Tanzt 2019
06-Apr-19 Kinder Sechseläuten umzug 2019
12-Jan-19 Private event performance
15-Dec-18 Folk dance performance
25-Nov-18 Asian Food & Cultural Festival 2018
10-Nov-18 Diwali performance - Indian Association Berne
29-Sep-18 El Viaje - a theather production
22-Sep-18 Private event in Luzern
01-Sep-18 Mountain Yoga Festival St. Anton
30-Aug-18 Private Event in Zürich
18-Aug-18 Indian Independance day performance
14-Aug-18 Corporate event performance
28-Jun-18 Kids dance competition
24-Jun-18 Kids dance competition
10-Jun-18 Wedding performance and workshop
03-Jun-18 Indian Association Greater Zurich Cultural Event
26-May-18 Event Management
23-May-18 Corporate event
09-May-18 Zürich Tanzt Kids Ceilidh
18-Mar-18 Telugu Association of Switzerland Ugadi performance
17-Mar-18 Rangbarse in Zürich
11-Mar-18 Macedonian Cultural Event
11-Mar-18 Private event
12-Jan-18 Tibetan Charity Folk dance performance
14-Nov-17 Private event
22-Oct-17 Indian Association Berne Diwali Gala
29-Sep-17 Swiss Puja 2017
28-Sep-17 Mountain Yoga Festival St. Anton
09-Sep-17 Birthday celebration performance
03-Sep-17 Telugu Association Ganesh festival
03-Sep-17 Wedding Perfromance
27-Aug-17 Indian Association Greater Zurich Mela 2017
13-Aug-17 Swiss Pakistani Society National Day
03-Jul-17 School year end performance
10-Jun-17 Himalaya Food and Cultural Festival
03-Jun-17 Tribal factory Circus
03-Jun-17 Tribal factory Circus
06-May-17 Zürich Tanzt 2017
09-Apr-17 Corporate event performance
11-Jan-17 Asian Food and Cultural Festival 2017
20-Nov-16 Ikea Corporate office performance
29-Aug-16 Zurich International School kids performance
06-Jul-16 Ruci Icecream performance
12-Jun-16 Peacock themed Srilanken wedding performance
28-Apr-16 Zurich International School, students talent show performance
28-Feb-16 César Ritz Colleges Switzerland cultural event
19-Jan-16 France corporate event
31-Oct-15 50th Birthday private event
07-Oct-15 Corporate event performance
17-Jul-15 Pakistani wedding
05-Jul-15 Swiss wedding performance
22-Jun-15 Indian Swiss wedding performance
07-May-15 Corporate event performance
10-Apr-15 Morning Light Performance
21-Mar-15 Private Event in Zürich
01-Dec-14 Kumaoni performance
23-Nov-14 Corporate event performance
26-Sep-14 Zürich Film Festival
30-Aug-14 Tata Consultancy Service
22-Mar-14 Landquart, Forum im Ried
22-Mar-14 Trondheim Cultural Event, Norway
03-Oct-13 Bengali Durga Puja Performance
15-Sep-13 Swiss Friendship Help Org


VDance is a Zürich, Switzerland-based professional dance company specializing in Indian Folk and Bollywood styles. Their highly trained and experienced artists have performed in the grandest venues from luxury ballrooms and large auditoriums in Europe to intimate gatherings in a local community center. Special attention is given to the dance costumes and accessories which are custom-made in Mumbai to ensure the authenticity of the dance style they perform.

VDance prides itself in creating fun, energetic and vibrant choreographies that bring a part of India to your event.

We offer the following:

  • Professional Bollywood dance performance
  • Professional Folk dance performance
  • Corporate event performances
  • Kids party’s performances
  • Wedding performances
  • Cultural event performances
  • Charity event performances
  • Extra event services like, henna/mehndi, Punjabi dhol, costume rental, dj and more